ARCO CMM Metrology Software

ARCO is a CMM Metrology Software Suite based upon the latest software technologies. Arco’s modern architecture enhance performance with the following core product features:

Implementation of native DMIS 5.0 language
Prismatic and free form surface measurement
Geometrical engine supporting neutral IGS format and native CAD interfaces
Powerful solution for single and dual horizontal arm CMM
Off Line Graphical programming tools with part program simulation
GD&T geometric dimension and tolerances per Asme Y14.5M-1994
I++ DME compliant
Textual, graphical and statistical output representation

ARCO’s metrology platform is available in three levels of performance allowing customers to optimise Arco implementation specific to their metrology requirement. ARCO is scalable allowing customers to migrate seamlessly to the next ARCO level as needs change.


The available ARCO levels are:


Coordinate Measuring Machine Software with full DMIS based metrology capability for part programming self-teaching and non CAD-based  advanced programming.






When the graphic support is required without the use of a CAD model the ARCO-QUICK Level can be extended with the ARCO-GRAPHICS Level offering intuitive integration of graphical capabilities.  Visual  selection tools are available to assist the user in both the choice of construction elements and creation of graphical reports.





Integrated with a powerful CAD engine ARCO-CAD contains all features and functions available for the ARCO-QUICK and ARCO-GRAPHICS levels and can be further extended with the optional ARCO-REVERSE module.







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