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Coord3 Metrology is a leading supplier of pre-owned and certified pre-owned Coordinate Measuring Machines and offer factory refurbishment of many CMM’s in our inventory. Our refurbishment includes new CMM Controller and the latest generation of CMM software.

We are continuously updating our pre-owned inventory displayed on this site. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your measurement needs.



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Demo COORD3 Universal 12.15.10

Universal Demo Machine


COORD3 Kronos 15.30.13

Hera NT 7.10.7 – Stock 2014 model

Ares NT 7.10.5 – Stock 2014 Model

COORD3 MCT Plus 30.60.20 Gantry CMM

COORD3 MCT 20.40.15 Gantry CMM

MCT NT (Gantry)

Hexagon Brown and Sharp Global 9.15.8

Wenzel XO 8.10.7

Wenzel LH 6.15.7

Nikon C3-V 9.12.7

Nikon C3C manufactured by COORD3

Sheffield RS150

Sheffield RS50

Brown and Sharp Excel 6.7.5

COORD3 Retrofitted Brown and Sharp Excel 6.7.5

IMS Impact 7.10.7

IMS Impact

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